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Shanghai Baiying Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd specialized in all sorts of electronic crane scales. Since its establishment in short eight years, With the development and improvement of our technical staff, the products of

Our Advantages

We sell OCS crane scales, TCS electronic scales,and SCS floor scales(weighbrige),and has already passed the approval of ISO9001,OIML,CE certificate. we already held a number of National Patents.

Our Customers
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  • OCS-AB-H( Blue Aluminum case)
  • OCS-A-H(Red font)
  • OCS-A1-H2(Aluminum Case with handheld B)
  • OCS-A1-H(Aluminum Case with handheld A)
  • OCS-A-H360°(Red font)
  • OCS-A-L(Green font)
  • OCS-A-W(White font)
  • OCS-G3
  • OCS-G2
  • OCS-G1
  • OCS-H(Steel 50T)
  • OCS-H(Steel 30T)
  • OCS-EB-AH(Blue Aluminum case)
  • OCS-E-PH(Red font)
  • OCS-E-AL(Green font)
  • OCS-E-AH(Red font)
  • OCS-F-PB(Black font)
  • OCS-F-PH(Red font)
  • OCS-F-AH(Red font)
  • OCS-F-AB(Black font)
  • OCS-D-L(Green font)
  • OCS-D-H(Red font)
  • OCS-C-L(Green font)
  • OCS-C-H (Red font)
  • OCS-G-H-( Aluminum high temp with Handheld A)
  • OCS-G-A( Aluminum high temp)
  • OCS-G-9800B(Aluminum high temp with printer 9800B)
  • OCS-G-9800A(Aluminum high temp)
  • OCS-S-H(Wireless Steel with handheld A)
  • OCS-S-9800A(Wireless Steel with printer 9800A)
  • OCS-S-9800B(Wireless Steel with printer 9800B)
  • OCS-I-D( Wireless Alu case with Big Display)
  • OCS-S-D(Wireless Steel with Big Display)
  • OCS-I-9800B( Wireless Alu case with printer 9800B)
  • OCS-I-9800A( Wireless Alu case with printer 9800A)
  • OCS-GS-H(Wireless Steel high temp with handheld A)
  • OCS-GS-9800B(Wireless Steel high temp with 9800B)
  • OCS-GS-9800A(Wireless Steel high temp with 9800A)

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